Evileye Records

track listing:

  1. Believe
  2. Lamentations
  3. You're My Disaster
  4. Believe (Electric Dead Tree Mix)

Level of Consciousness

7 out of 10… Musically Versailles has improved, but by dropping the industrial feel this CD will tend to isolate previous fans.

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Review by Karen Anderson

Versailles’ classical roots show though more on this CD than on previous ones. Any industrial or gothic pull that was in Live Your Life and Kiss is pretty much missing from Believe, which is unfortunate. All of the electronic sounds that made the previous CDs so good are gone now. The instrumentals, however, have more layers and are more thought out, putting them on a grander scale then in the past. Believe is also very keyboard and piano heavy.

The vocals have some of the variety that was missing on Live Your Life. The light, airy vocal style is good, but Versailles finally shows a deeper, even sultry singing in “You're My Disaster.” It would be nice to hear more of the natural vocal style that is in “Believe (Electric Dead Tree Mix)” also.

Lyrics in Believe are rather vague, which seems to be Versailles’ style. It is hard to get a feel for what the songs are about. Reading the lyrics is like reading the narrative to a confused dream with lines like Somedays come closer now burn my eyes out/ Some feelings I have to let go of to withstand/ But then I catch up to my own hands in “Believe.” Versailles seems to be trying to protect her lover or fix him in “Lamentations,” but just ends up getting hurt herself. “You're My Disaster” is also about a failed relationship, but in this song she seems to have been abandoned. While lines such as Hold me now, Hold me now/ I beg the thorns come out in “You're My Disaster” are obvious, you have to guess at what the majority of the lines mean. Unfortunately the songs are not very deep or eloquently written either.